We spend lots of time planning these pieces, and I want to make your art worth every bit of your time!

Here’s what some of my past clients are talking about:

Fabulous, just fabulous!
— Jared, New Mexico

I was looking to have a custom family crest made. I came across Flourish Family Crests while searching the internet. I reached out and got a quick response from Jamie. I sent her a concept drawing of what I was wanting to do. My project was unique in scope and scale. It included multiple crests (one for the entire family and one for each of my kids) and was roughly 2 feet tall by 3 feet wide (the largest family crest project she has done to date). This created some challenges but Jamie handled them with no problem. Jamie kept in touch with me throughout the design process sending me multiple proofs along the way giving me the opportunity to provide feedback regarding; colors, layout, design, etc. I placed the order in the spring with the plan for the crest being a Christmas present. Jamie had the crest done way ahead of schedule even with the different challenges this project faced. Although I knew generally what my crest was going to look like from the pictures Jamie had sent me, nothing could prepare me for the actual work of art. I was speechless when I pulled it out of the box. It was so amazing that I couldn't wait until Christmas to give it to my family but had to have a presentation ceremony that next evening (a piece of art of that magnitude is not just given but unveiled). I can't express what a pleasure it was to work with Jamie. Her work is fabulous and her customer service is such that I would now consider her a friend not just a business contact. On a scale of one to awesome, Flourish Family Crests and Jamie get an AWESOME hands down.

coat of arms for Rachel
Wow! I felt like my plethora of ideas and thoughts were welcomed and incorporated appropriately. I enjoyed each step in the process and love, love, love the finished product. I wrapped it with a note for my husband, and when I walked back in the room after he’d opened it, he was wide-eyed with amazement. Such a talent for people and art! Thanks for everything 🙂
— Rachel

Jamie was an absolute pleasure to work with and exceeded all my expectations. The entire process was effortless and I love how she kept me involved and updated. Her creativity and amazing talent is something truly special. Jamie created the most meaningful gift ever for my husband as my wedding gift to him. He was speechless and has not stopped talking about this piece of art to all his friends and family. It is truly something we will treasure for a lifetime and something we can pass on to our children to keep.
— Michelle

I am so thankful for the lovely Coat of Arms that we made as a Christmas gift for my husband! It is now July and he still makes a point to show it to every guest that enters our home. In our 27 years together this is the best gift I have ever given him!
— Patty