Custom Family Crest Vector

Perfect for wedding crests | Created to celebrate your story.

custom family crest vector

Starts at $300.

Commission a crest for cards, letterpress, and more custom products.

- a 30 min. call with me, if needed, to brainstorm ideas for your art
- a computer generated mock up for approval, before I create the final art
- Up to three revisions to your computer mock up
- Up to five custom symbols featured in your art
- Your one-color custom vector, delivered by email

What can you create with your family crest vector?

Your custom vector can be simple or complex depending on where you plan to use your file. Here’s a few of the styles of vectors I can create for you.

detailed vector family crest

Detailed Vector Crest

Great for printed items larger than three inches. This detailed vector will scale to larger banners and custom isle runners. Choose this option for custom banners, flags, and printed items.

Choose this option if your art will be displayed at large scale.

line art style vector crest

Line Art Vector Crest

Choose this option to create a simpler vector for letterpress, custom stamps, and engravings larger than three inches, This line art file may be too detailed for smaller engravings.

Choose this option if your art will be displayed at about three inches or so.

icon style vector crest

Icon Style Vector


Perfect for engravings and embroidery smaller than three inches, we'll create your art with only the most basic details to make sure your art will translate to a smaller space.

Choose this option if your art will be smaller than three inches.

Custom rings and cuff links

Create a family crest ring or cuff links from your custom crest, created by hand by master jeweler Gareth Eckley.
Regarded as the finest portrait cameo artist in North America, Gareth is an award winning jewelry designer, gemstone carver, family crest carver and hand engraver. Learn more about his work.

Custom decor and accessories

Create custom tiles, pillows, journals and other items with your vector.

  • Pillows, mugs, phone cases, and other accessories

  • Custom ceramic tiles

  • Custom stationery and letterpress

  • Custom journals and stationery

family crest phone case