A Family Crest Story: the Albertsen Crest

Camilla reached out to me in 2018 for an artwork as a wedding gift.  She lives in Norway and international shipping adds time and additional cost to my original works. I was disappointed that I couldn’t fit her in my schedule. So this summer, I was excited when she reached out again to collaborate on a family crest for a birthday gift for her husband and her timeline fit perfectly in my schedule!

Camilla is creative, sensitive and caring, and also vegetarian. She wanted to include ideas about yoga and Buddism in her piece. Her husband is in the army and is interested in politics and justice.  They have two children and met in Norway. 

I designed the art as a standard "impaled" coat of arms, where symbols to represent the wife are on the right and symbols to represent the husband are on the left of the art.

We used symbols from the Chinese zodiac to represent Camilla and her husband. The dragon is holding a sword to represent his love for games and justice. The scales on the shield are to represent justice and the globe is to represent politics and history as well as the family’s travels.

The hand creating and cradling life is a symbol for Camilla. The leaf touches on her passion for the earth and vegetarianism as well as her joy in creating. The Om symbol at the bottom is for her yoga practice and Buddhism. 

Butterflies to represent her children flank the sides. I liked the traditional helmet as a reference to knights jousting, a reference to his love for gaming and his military service.

After Camilla approved our computer mockup, I drew the art and had it ready to ship in about three weeks.

It took about two weeks to ship to Norway, and Camilla let me know as soon as she got it.  She said “Just got home from the post office, and WOW! It looks absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for a great piece!”

“Jamie is such a talented artist!,” Camilla writes. “She understood what I wanted right away, and kept me updated all the way through the process. The result is amazing! I am so glad I found Jamie and got the chance to work with her on a personal piece. The shipping was also very fast, and I am very pleased. Thank you so much Jamie!”

jamie hansen