Introducing vector illustrations

Vectors are really versatile. A vector image is not made of pixels. Constructed using mathematical formulas rather than pixels, vector file types such as EPS, AI and SVG are excellent for creating graphics that will move sharply and easily from large to small. 

I create high-resolution files from my watercolor drawings.  I've printed my watercolor art on everything from stationery and aprons to banners and billboards.  However, sometimes the best type of image for a particular project is a single-color vector file.  

Custom Vector art by Jamie Hansen

Custom Vector art by Jamie Hansen

In an effort to serve my clients, I've been working hard to sharpen my skills in Illustrator.  I want to work as well on my computer as behind my paintbrush.  I've created a style of vectors that I think are a lovely complement to my watercolor art. I'm pleased to offer these vector images to my clients as a standalone project, or in addition to their hand painted art.  I make these illustrations by hand in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. They are created with care just like my watercolors.

You can use a vector to create screen print files, letterpress, and one-color images for stamps and engraving. The rustic woodcut style complements the vintage-styled original art that I create.  Add a vector to your project, or commission one as a standalone project.

Where would you use your custom vector? Would you add it to a custom journal or use it as a logo for personalized stationery?  I would love to hear about how you might use yours!

jamie hansen