What's in a name? Why I call my studio "Flourish Family Crests."

In 2017, I re-branded my Etsy shop to Flourish Family Crests. My shop name puts the focus on the unique works that I create for my clients. Here’s why I chose that name.

Why the flourishes?

In calligraphy, a flourish is an ornament that’s usually curving above or below a letter.  Flourishes are bold and graceful swoops that add character and feeling to the words that they decorate.  

A garden flourishes when it is full of sunlight and rich soil. In our lives, we flourish when we are joyful and nourished and inspired.  As an artist, these works help me find meaning and purpose, and bring me the joy and security that I need to grow as a creator. 

Why “family crests”?

I know that many heraldry enthusiasts prefer to call heraldic artworks “achievements” or “coats of arms.” However, I chose to call my pieces family crests because I want to highlight feelings of family and love in my artworks.   A “family crest” seems much more warm and tender than a “coat of arms.” To me, “arms” evoke feelings of armed men at battle.

My works are not essential or utilitarian.  They celebrate joy and family. I hear from dozens of families each month who choose to create an artwork with me for the joy of it, and I am grateful and joyful to work with each family. 

We create a “flourish,” a beautiful thing that exists only because it’s a joy and a decoration.  And I hope that the love and happiness that the art evokes helps their relationships to flourish.

What's in a name?