From etsy shop to full-time freelance: how Flourish Family Crests was born.

I have created more than 250 artworks for families all over the world.  My artworks are based off heraldic art but most of my inspiration comes from my amazing and creative clients.

When I started my Etsy shop almost ten years ago, I never dreamed that it would become my springboard to a career as a full-time artist.  As orders and demand for my work picked up and I struggled to finish projects, I worked late hours after my day-job as a graphic artist to complete paintings that were richly detailed and deeply meditative for me. 

In 2017, I re-branded my Etsy shop to Flourish Family Crests. I took the opportunity to quit my day job and move my work from the kitchen table into a dedicated studio. I completed family crests for over fifty families in 2017 and another fifty two in 2018.  Each of the fun and creative families I worked with inspired me to push my work a little farther and think more deeply about the connections and the meanings behind my watercolors. 

I love being able to celebrate love, connection, and family through my art. I am so excited to be painting full-time and truly blessed to create works that hold meaning for families and couples. 

why I created flourish family crests
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