An interview with myself.

This year, I’ve covered an inspiring distance in my art career.  As I start 2019, I’m imagining an interview with myself - my younger, more fearful self from January 2018 - learning from myself now in January 2019.   Here I look over a few highlights from this amazing year. 

2018 Jamie: You’ve just finished an amazing Christmas season where you booked more projects than ever before. Where did all your new clients find you? 

2019 Jamie: At the beginning of the new year, I invested in some professional SEO services for my FlourishFamilyCrests website and I think that helped a lot.  But many of my wins and blessings came from tiny seeds that I planted earlier in the year. 

2018 Jamie: What’s an example of those tiny seeds? 

2019 Jamie: I scattered tiny seeds everywhere - I started new social media profiles, I started an Instagram feed, created new portfolios, and set up an online store as well as a new Squarespace website.

My Etsy shop was successful at the beginning of 2018, but I knew that I wanted to pivot and move some of my sales off of Etsy.  Etsy raised their fees earlier this year, and they don't encourage users to collect email addresses.  In addition, I offer very customized products and services that require a lot of one-on-one collaboration. 

I was looking for flexibility to collaborate with my clients, and the tools to establish long-term relationships and friendships with my patrons.  I've invested in some wonderful software that will give my clients and patrons the personalized service, meaning, and connection that is at the heart of my pieces.

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