The most important component of a coat of arms

When I create a piece of art for a client, I share the work with my followers, but I rarely share the meaning behind the piece. I feel like that story is like a love note, a sweet and private whisper between lovers, or a photo of a family taken when they are at home in their pajamas. I feel a little like the story isn’t mine to share.  

I have designed hundreds of artworks for families all over the US and the world. I have helped to celebrate anniversaries, weddings, and childhood friendships.  I’ve gotten a unique vantage point into the values and stories that make a family unique.  I’ve heard about struggles and worked to find visual representations for abstract concepts and for family businesses.  I’ve heard about pets, proposal stories, and parent’s coats of arms.  And I have learned about the thing that is most important in any coat of arms.

It’s the story.

I’m not affiliated with a college of arms or a register, so these pieces aren’t official government documents. They are art in the truest sense  - they are symbols for powerful concepts, created to communicate emotion and sentiment. They are sweet gifts that have been carefully planned and individually painted. They are memories of trips taken and favorite sayings. Above all, the most powerful part of these artworks are the meanings behind them. 

I am a full-time artist working in Anderson, South Carolina. I got my start on Etsy in 2010 and have been celebrating stories through my watercolor art for years. Each artwork I create is made-to-order and is as unique as the story that inspired the art.

jamie hansen