My watercolors and the British Monarchy

With the buzz about the royal wedding this week, I’m proud to use the British brand Winsor and Newton watercolors for all the paintings I produce. I have been using Winsor and Newton watercolors for about 15 years and the paints have always produced clear, vibrant, and beautiful colors for me.

Winsor and Newton has a wonderful connection to the Royal Family. The company was founded just before Queen Victoria took the throne. Winsor and Newton went on to create the Series 7 watercolor brush, especially for Queen Victoria. They are called the “Series 7” because Queen Victoria’s favorite size brush was a seven. Today they are made in many sizes, and I have two of these beautiful brushes.

First granted by Queen Victoria in 1841, Winsor and Newton still holds a Royal Warrant from HRH The Prince of Wales to supply art materials to the royal households. In 2012, They produced a “Diamond Ink” to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

Especially since I create coats of arms inspired by the beautiful illustrations created for the Royal Family, it is fun to explore my tiny connection to the British monarchy through the watercolors I use.

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