Framing Advice


As a guestbook

Use your matting to create a wedding guestbook or for a personalized touch at your next event

Mats on a watercolor or drawing do more than help the framing presentation – 

they help protect the artwork.

My works with gold leaf will be safest in a frame with a mat since the gold is a little raised. If the piece is pressed directly against the glass, the metals applied to the piece could stick to the glass over time.

Matting often adds a formal touch and draws the eye into the work, which  complements my family crest artwork nicely. But if you dislike the look of a mat, a shadowbox-style frame or spacers between the piece and the glass would be an option.  The extra room would give the art enough space to keep the gold secure and bright, if you ever decide to remove the art from the frame.

Generally, all works on paper, from pastels, watercolors, charcoal, graphite, ink, and other more delicate works will be best in a frame with a mat.  Works on a board or canvas can be displayed without glass or matting, or even unframed because they are sturdier and sometimes come from the artist with a protective layer of varnish on top.

I offer free framing advice to all my clients and would love to help you with  my experience in creating and displaying artwork.  I hope that we can work together to create an artwork!

jamie hansen