About Me | Watercolor artist Jamie Hansen

When I was a kid, I drew unicorns on the backs of all my school papers.  In high school, I carried a sketchbook and sat in the back of the classroom hoping for my next art class.  In college, I spent a semester in Europe traveling with a backpack full of watercolor supplies. I earned a BFA in Fine Art and have been working in watercolor since 2002.

Using my background in calligraphy and drawing, I created my first family crest for a local client in 2009. I opened my Etsy shop in 2010 to collaborate with even more families. Since then I have created hundreds of artworks for families all over the world. This website is the second generation of my Etsy shop.

My artworks and materials are inspired by pieces created long ago, but the stories behind these pieces are as current and contemporary as the families who hire me.  Like the families I work with, each piece is nuanced and unique.  Each artwork brings me joy as I use my love for art to help families celebrate their relationships and their lives together.